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Global Warming – Climate Change – Climate Crisis (GW.CC1.CC2)

 There has been much debate over the past several years about GW. Before getting into that, I believe that it would be a good idea to establish some definitions in regard to GW.CC1.CC2.   During times of extreme cold I frequently hear disparaging comments about GW.   They seem to think that GW means that the earth is experiencing an increase in temperatures in a uniform and global way.   Perhaps the problem stems from the term global warming. I can understand how it would be misleading.   I have heard some refer to the warming of the earth as CC1.   This term probably better describes what is happening to our planet than does GW.   It has been pretty well accepted that the average temperature of the earth has increased over the past few decades causing the increased melting of the polar caps.   The sea waters have increased in temperature which has affected the currents and weather patterns.   I recently heard a story on NPR about how the term CC2 may be a better term to describe this phenomenon.   He believes that unless we make changes soon in the amount of CO2 that we emit into the atmosphere, we may reach a tipping point from which there is no return.

 If we can at least agree that there is something happening to our planet perhaps we can begin a real discussion about its cause(s) and possible solutions.   The real debate would then be “does human activity have anything to do with the change (GW.CC1.CC2.)”?   Or is this a natural recurring cycle that the earth goes through over centuries and even millennium?

 I would like to suggest that even if this is a natural process through which the earth goes through, that the amount (regardless of how small) of CO2 that human activity contributes, could push the process enough to make all the difference.   If we were to reach such a tipping point, what then?   What would the price be that we would have to pay due to our inability or refusal to make the necessary changes?

 I know that change would require sacrifice.   Some would have to sacrifice more than others.   It would depend on how each earns their living how much one would have to sacrifice.   Others would benefit.  New opportunities for research and development would open up.   It would be an economic shift. That would be frightening to many.

 Another thought. If GW.CC1.CC2 is real and humanity can do anything to correct the process but we don’t, what have we lost or gained?  What is the greater risk?   If BW.CC1.CC2 is not real, and we make the changes to reduce CO2, what have we lost or gained?   Eventually we will need to find new sources of energy anyway as coal, natural gas and oil are limited resources.   We will each answer these questions differently depending on our personal bias and or preconceptions.   What we need is open and honest discussion on this important topic as the survival of our planet may depend on it.


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