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ACA is Not the Answer to Our Health Care Challenges…
I predicted from the beginning that ACA (Obamacare) would not achieve the two primary goals that were set for it. First, to provide health care financing for everyone and second, to reduce the cost of health care. I was extremely dissappointed when single payer health care was not even a part of the negotions…in fact some of the single payer advocates were jailed as they protested non-violently about not being included. I was hoping that at least the public option would be a part of the final law…but no, it too was eliminated.

What should we have expected when the health care insurance industry essentiall wrote ACA? As long as health care is seen and treated as a commodity to be bought and sold we will continue to pay too much for too little care. The only real way to provide health care financing for everyone (100%) and REDUCE the per capita cost of health care is to enact a single payer system such as HR 676.

I know that socialism is a scary word for many but we have a combination of capitalism and socialism now. Socialism in not a form of government, it is an economic system. Democratic socialism allows the people to decide how and when our tax dollars should be spent.

I know that a single payer system will require a raise in taxes but the taxes requried to fund HR 676 would be less than what 95% of us are currently paying in insurance premiums. HR 676 would provide comprehensive medical, dental and vison care with no copays, no deductibles. 95% of Americans would be left with more dollars in their pockets, not fewer.

Please research HR 676 for yourself. or


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