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Lent began March 5, Ash Wednesday.  I’m a bit late.  But so many of us aren’t familiar with Lent or the reason for Lent.  Considering the busyness of American life, I think Lent is more relevant and necessary than Christmas.   So, here’s an invitation to consider the Lenten season:

hero_double_filletPerhaps you’ve noticed every year about this time:  For a limited time, Wendy’s offers its Artic Cod.  Burger King pushes its BK Big Fish.  Some McDonalds locations even offer a double Filet-O-Fish.  The new push in fast food offerings is more visible in larger cities, but the reason is actually almost 1700 years old and observed world-wide.    Even America’s fast food chains observe the Christian season of Lent, though their reasons may not be the same as ours.

Of course, individual and institutional interest in Lent varies tremendously.

Perhaps, you see yourself as some kind of Christian but you don’t even…

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