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By David Brock,
presiding evangelist

David R. Brock David R. Brock

By the time I finish congregational worship on a good Sunday morning, I’m actually looking for and seeing Jesus in the eyes of the person I speak with after the service. My heart is more attuned to others’ hurts and joys. I’m present. When I ask “How are you?” I hear echoes of deeper truths in the life of another.

I’m living inside a peace-filled vision of a world where there is a place for everyone at God’s table. A hymn of justice and joy hums inside me. And, during the week, if I’m semi-disciplined, after a morning time of centering prayer, dwelling in the words of a scripture, passage, or the poetry of a prophetic voice, I’m more attentive to God’s mission. I’m called again to the adventure of leaving my nets to follow the teacher from Galilee.

But, here’s the…

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