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What the Cross Means to Me   Leave a comment

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By Shandra Newcom, Rocky Mountain USA Mission Center

Shandra Newcom Shandra Newcom

I am called to live radically, just as Jesus lived—to love the unlovable and feed the hungry; to free the captive and heal the broken. The cross represents this call to me.

It is this call that took me from my home in Colorado across the world to Chipulukusu in Zambia, Africa. I traveled there with HealthEd Connect, a nonprofit that believes deeply in the Worth of All Persons and works to end suffering.

I hadn’t realized that my disciple’s journey had become routine, that I had lost a sense of the radical reorientation the cross provides us as followers of the way of Jesus Christ. As I worshiped in the congregation in Chipulukusu, I saw what the cross means to my new Zambian friends.

The hope and praise I experienced as we sang, “There’s No One Like Jesus!” was…

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I Follow Jesus to Tell Others   Leave a comment

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By Igor Karpachov, Donetsk, Ukraine

Igor Karpachov finds joy in reaching out to young adults in Donetsk, Ukraine. Igor Karpachov finds joy in reaching out to young adults in Donetsk, Ukraine.

The Lord is working in our little congregation. In the beginning of this century I allowed the Word of God to live in me through the sacraments. It was the best thing that ever happened to me. Christ became flesh and walks among us.

It is important for me to know why I am Christian. When this world insists on telling me who I am, I have another story to tell. When this world tells me what I need and who I must become, I have another voice to offer with a future that is whole and hopeful. Jesus Christ tells who I am and changes me to be more loving.
For me the most helpful part of Community of Christ is that we try to make life better on Earth and…

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They See What We’re Doing   Leave a comment

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By Andrew Fellows, Derbyshire, England

I have always considered myself fortunate to live in the United Kingdom. We have one of the world’s best welfare systems. Not only is there a state pension, a minimum wage, and free medical care, but the government provides financial support for the sick, injured, disabled, and unemployed.

At least that’s the idea. So why are 12.3 million people in poverty?

When a homeless person finds accommodation and moves to a new benefit system, financial support is halted, and the individual needs to reapply. This results in a funding problem. Whenever a family moves to a different house or applies for a different benefit, there is a delay. During this time nothing is paid.

Wages are static, but the basic cost of living, food, heating, and electricity are rising above inflation. A recent report from The Guardian newspaper suggested that hundreds of thousands of families…

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There’s More than We Know   Leave a comment

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By David Brock,
presiding evangelist

David R. Brock David R. Brock

By the time I finish congregational worship on a good Sunday morning, I’m actually looking for and seeing Jesus in the eyes of the person I speak with after the service. My heart is more attuned to others’ hurts and joys. I’m present. When I ask “How are you?” I hear echoes of deeper truths in the life of another.

I’m living inside a peace-filled vision of a world where there is a place for everyone at God’s table. A hymn of justice and joy hums inside me. And, during the week, if I’m semi-disciplined, after a morning time of centering prayer, dwelling in the words of a scripture, passage, or the poetry of a prophetic voice, I’m more attentive to God’s mission. I’m called again to the adventure of leaving my nets to follow the teacher from Galilee.

But, here’s the…

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