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Why I Favor HR 676   Leave a comment

Frequently I read or hear “I work hard for my money and I want to keep as much as possible to spend, donate, or manage how I choose” or something to that effect. I can readily relate to that as, I too, work hard for what I have and the money that I earn. This is one of the primary reasons that I support HR 676.

If HR 676 (single-payer healthcare financing, Expanded and Improved Medicare for All, a national government financed healthcare insurance plan) were to be enacted into law over 97% of us would be able to keep more of the money that we work so hard to earn. Yes, our taxes would be increased. However most of us who have private for-profit healthcare insurance would save more with the elimination of insurance premiums, co-pays, deductibles and other out-of-pocket healthcare expenses than we would pay out in the increased tax.

This is also true for businesses that currently provide healthcare benefits for their employees/families. Businesses would not be responsible for providing healthcare benefits and the increased tax that they would pay would be less than the share of the premiums that they are currently paying.

While I would benefit personally from HR 676, I also favor it because we would no longer have so many who are un or under insured who are going without the medical care that they need. We would no longer see families going into bankruptcy/foreclosure due to medical bills.

I would encourage anyone who has reservations about this to do their own research. One can do a web-search for HR 676 and find a great deal of information. There is even a PDF copy of HR 676 available on-line.


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Where Are We Headed As A Nation?   1 comment

Where Are We Headed As A Nation?
August 9, 2013
It is my understanding that the Tea Party is largely funded by the Koch brothers who are possibly the wealthiest and most powerful corporation owners in the nation.  They fund ALEC which funds most of the Tea Party candidates throughout the nation.  They want to deregulate so that they can continue to poison/pollute our world which is a public health and safety issue.  They, along with Monsanto, want to defund, reduce the power of or eliminate the EPA and many other regulatory agencies.  Yes, I know, they want big business to be more profitable.  Yet when you look at the migration of wealth in this nation over the last 40 years it is into their control and out of the pockets of the middle-class. 
No one likes to pay taxes, but we receive many benefits which we often take for granted in return for those taxes.  The Tea Party would reduce or eliminate taxes altogether is they had their way.  This would decimate the working class even further. 
I did not use to be so much into politics until I became interested in healthcare reform during the time that Hilary tried but failed during her husband’s term to get something done.  As I become more informed about that issue I soon learned that it is not just a single issue.  Corporate America has, over the past 40 years, pretty much bought out the Republican Party.  They fooled much of the population by claiming it was to protect freedom, but in reality it was to tilt the playing field into their favor.
The Tea Party wants to privatize all our social programs (SSI, Medicare, Medicaid).  But this would simply shift the costs to the public and increase profits for private industry.  Ike warned us when he left office about Corporate Welfare and Corporate America.  The Republican Party was much different back then and I even supported much of what they stood for.  But no longer.  Our entire political structure, Republicans and Democrats, have moved far to the right and the middle-class is suffering as a result while the rich continue to gain more wealth and power. 
This nation will not likely be brought down by any outside force.  It will more likely be brought down due to the greed of the rich and powerful.  It seems that in our love of capitalism we have lost the sense of community.  Many in business are out to “earn” as much profit as possible without regard for how it affects the rest of society.  This is the lack of values that I see in our nation.  It is greed that drives too many.  It is greed, self-centeredness and selfishness that has destroyed our families and communities.
I do not believe that any form of economic or political system is either good or bad in and of itself.  What makes a system good or successful is the integrity and honesty of the people who have the wealth/power.  No system, capitalism, socialism, republic, democracy, etc. will survive if those in power do not care for the weakest of their nation. It also takes an informed and active populace to keep those with the wealth/power in check.

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