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July 7, 2012

Now that the PPACA, know as Obamacare by distracters as well as supporters,  has been, for the most part, upheld as constitutional by the Supreme Court, we need to take a closer look at it.  The main portion of the law that was found to be unconstitutional was the requirement of each state to expand its Medicaid program to those who qualify to a more liberal set of conditions.  The Supreme Court declared that the Federal Government could not withhold Medicaid funds from those states which refused to implement this plan.

Obamacare has a number of attractive features.  It will require healthcare insurance carriers to expend at least 80% of their clients premiums on healthcare claims.  It will allow some young adults to remain on their parent’s healthcare insurance plan.  It will not allow the healthcare insurance industry to discriminate against those who have “pre-existing conditions”.  It will set up healthcare insurance exchanges in each state through which those who currently do not have healthcare insurance can purchase a policy.  If the state does not choose to set up an exchange the Federal Government will set one up for them.  This is a short list of what the PPACA  is suppose to do.

The most controversial issue involving Obamacare is the “mandate” that everyone must purchase a healthcare insurance policy or pay a fine/tax.  Whether it is called a fine or a tax is a moot point as the end result is the same.  The only real difference is the legal and/or political implication.   Both the Democrats and the Republicans are spinning this in order to promote their particular political agenda.  It is a shame that as important issue as our nation’s health has to be so politicized.   It seems that in the polls that I have seen 46% of those polled favor the mandate and 46% do not.  The rest of the law seems to be supported by a fairly large margin.

Now let’s look at the down-side of the PPACA.  It will continue to leave millions of Americans uninsured and millions more underinsured.   Of these, those who suffer a major medical event there will be an impact on healthcare costs as those expenditures will have to be absorbed by the rest of society.   Those supporting PPACA claim that healthcare costs will be reduced while those opposed claim that it will not only not reduce costs, but will actually increase costs.  The CBO is still evaluating these claims and is to file a report sometime in the future.  Now, remember, the purpose of healthcare reform from the beginning was to  provide healthcare financing for every American and reduce our per capita costs.  Does the PPACA accomplish these two goals?  In short, no, not really.  There will remain millions un- and underinsured.  The reduction in healthcare costs is debatable.

The PPACA also provides the healthcare insurance industry with millions of new clients…most of whom will be young and relatively healthy.  This will give this industry an influx of new capital and should make them even more profitable than they currently are.

What, then, is the answer?  In my opinion our nation needs to establish a national government financed healthcare plan.  We need to expand and improve Medicare to cover every American.  With the passage and Supreme Court upheld PPACA we can not become complacent.  We must continue to promote and educate the benefits of H.R. 676 which will do exactly what I have just written.  H.R. 676 will provide the financing for every American and at a reduced cost per capita.  It will relieve businesses and corporations from the burden of providing their employees healthcare benefits.  It will relieve employees of the high healthcare insurance premiums.  It will accomplish the goals that were established in the beginning as we worked to reform our nation’s healthcare system.

I encourage everyone to educate themselves.  Go to and and and for this and much more information.



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