Enact H.R. 676 Into Law   Leave a comment

Eliminate the healthcare insurance industry that comsumes nearly 1/3 of our healthcare insurance premium dollars. These dollars go to CEO salaries/benefits/perks, shareholder returns, lobbying, political campaign contributions, administrative costs/overhead. and oh, profits. These are dollars that, if recouped, could be used to actually pay for our healthcare. Bring H.R. 676 to the Congressional floor and get it passed into law. That would lower our nation’s over-all cost of healthcare and provide the needed healthcare for every man, woman and child from birth to death. The Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) does some good things, but it falls far too short. H.R. 676 would IMPROVE and EXPAND Medicare into a much better system for financing our nation’s healthcare. But how many of our elected officials are addicted to the corporate money coming in from the healthcare industry? Is it any wonder that they want to maintain the status quo?



Posted March 13, 2012 by terryflowersblog in Health Care

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