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Healthcare Costs…let’s make it personal.  We are all well aware of the high cost of healthcare in the United States.  As much as twice as high as many other developed nations in the world.  The figures that we hear are sometimes difficult to put into perspective as they are such high numbers and don’t really seem to have much to do with us on a personal level.

To assist us in making these statistics relevant to us as individuals I would like to challenge you to calculate how much you/your family spends on healthcare on an annual basis.  Most of us pay some kind of healthcare insurance premium so that would be part of our annual healthcare cost.  Most of us also may Medicare taxes so that would also be included as part of our healthcare costs even though it may not be spent on yourself personally.  Most of us who have healthcare insurance still pay some out-of-pocket healthcare costs such as deductibles, co-pays and uncovered medical procedures/products.  Some of us may also have long term disability or extended care insurance.

There are also other healthcare costs that we pay individually that we are often unaware of.  Anytime we pay a sales tax some of that revenue goes to pay for the healthcare benefit of a government employee whether it is city, county or state.  Anytime we make a purchase of a good or service a portion of that sales price is used to pay for an employees healthcare costs.   When we contribute to a church, temple or synagogue a portion of that contribution is used to pay for the healthcare costs of those who are employed by that faith organization.  These are difficult costs for us to calculate so for the purpose of this exercise we will not attempt to include them.

Now I would ask that you add together what you spend on an annual basis for healthcare.  Here is an example (figures are approximate but realistic in today‘s healthcare world):

Healthcare insurance premiums (medical/vision/dental): $5840.00

Medicare Taxes: 2160.00

Long Term Disability Insurance/Extended Care: included in healthcare insurace

Out-of-pocket Medical Expenses: 3000.00

Sales taxes at  point of purchase that pays for healthcare:     ??

Portion of purchase price of goods/services:     ??

Total that can be calculated:          $11,000.00

Now this example is for a family of two so the cost per capita would be $5500.00.  But remember it does not include the costs that are paid through consumer purchases and sales taxes so it is a conservative estimate.

Imagine what it would be like if your family did not have to buy healthcare insurance.  How much more money would you have for discretionary spending?  Imagine businesses (large and small) that did not have to provide healthcare insurance for their employees.  How much revenue that would free up for expansion and development and the creation of jobs.

It has been proposed that if we were to take all the current revenue being consumed by our healthcare system and create a single-payer national healthcare plan, we could cover every man, woman and child from the womb to the tomb and still have monies left over.  H.R. 676 is such a plan.  H.R. 676 would reduce our nation’s over-all cost of healthcare (and each individual/family’s cost of healthcare) and provide the financing for the healthcare needs of 100% of our population.

Please take the time to educate yourself about H.R. 676 by going to these web-sites: and   If you agree that our nation would be better off with a healthcare system more in line with the rest of the developed nations of the world please add your voice to promote H.R. 676.  Contact your elected representatives and let them know how you feel.


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