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H.R. 676: The Sustainable Solution to our Nations Economic and Healthcare Challenges   Leave a comment

H.R. 676: The Sustainable Solution to our Nations Economic and Healthcare Challenges

It’s time to look at the hard and real issues surrounding our nations healthcare and economic challenges. For too long there has been this exchange of rhetoric between the right and the left, progressives and conservatives, regarding the issue of healthcare reform.  It is pretty much agreed on that healthcare costs are far too high in this nation and that the rate of cost growth is simply unsustainable.  Everyone understands that each year healthcare insurance premiums rise at a disproportional rate to the rise in the cost of living.

While the Affordable Care Act (dubbed Obama-care) has many beneficial features and may contain costs to some extent, it is becoming obvious that it is not enough.  There are still far too many who are without healthcare coverage.  This is a continual added stress on our struggling economy when families and individuals encounter a major medical event and, as a result, lose their income forcing them into bankruptcy and/or foreclosure.  These situations cost all of us directly or indirectly.

Opponents of H.R. 676 continue to use motive words and phrases such as “socialized medicine”, “death-panels”, “loss of choice”, and many others.  In reality we already have “socialized medicine” though the VA Medical Administration, Medicare and Medicaid, and other federal, state and local government programs.  In fact, these programs make up half or more of our nations healthcare expenditures.  Considering that Medicare expends only about 4-6% of its revenues on administrative and overhead compared to the healthcare insurance industries 30% or more, it makes economic sense that H.R. 676 is the most economical and efficient way to move.  The concept of “death-panels” came from the portion of the law which refers to whether healthcare providers should be compensated for consulting with patients and families regarding end of life issues.  This issue is no different that what we call advanced directives and/or “no code” status in our present situation.  As far as choice is concerned, the insurance industry restricts our freedom of choice in regard to the healthcare providers we wish to see.  Under H.R. 676 one would be free to see any healthcare provider as long as he/she was licensed or registered in the state in which he/she practices. Of course, licensure and/or registration is already part of our healthcare system.

We need to move away from language that continues to distort and/or skew the issues we face.  As I understand it there are individuals who specialize in creating language which will put either a positive or a negative (depending on which way they wish to move) connotation on any particular issue.  This is an intentional attempt to sway public opinion.  We need to move away from this and address the issues directly without the use of these motive words and/or phrases.

H.R. 676, if brought out of committee and enacted into law, would eliminate the need to pay healthcare insurance premiums.  For those of us who currently pay these premiums imagine how much that would leave in our pockets.  It would also eliminate the portion of the premiums that employers currently pay. This is money that small businesses and corporations could put to use in expanding and hiring.  Think how this could stimulate our struggling economy…not only in the short term but far into the future.  H.R.  676 would provide a sustainable method for which to pay our nations healthcare costs.

But what about the Republicans…especially the Tea Party Republicans…who have vowed “no new taxes”?  Yes, new revenue would have to be raised in order for this healthcare plan to be implemented.  However, the additional taxes would be far less that the healthcare insurance premiums that we are currently paying.

In the final analysis H.R. 676 would provide healthcare for every man, woman and child…everyone in and no one out…from the womb to the tomb, and would reduce our nations over-all cost of healthcare.  It is sustainable economically and is the social and moral direction that our nation needs to go.

For more information on H.R. 676 go to and   You can download a PDF copy of H.R. 676 from some of these sites as well.


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