Threat to Freedoms   2 comments

Medicare for All (socialized medicine so called by some) is not a threat to our freedoms or our democracy (or republic).  The real threat to our freedoms is the continual concentration of power/authority/money into the hands of fewer and fewer individuals or groups.  This is true regardless of who those individuals or groups are.   I’m sure that you have heard of the concept that “money is the root of all evil”.  That”s not to say that money is inheritantly evil…it is to say that the drive/temptation for more and more is the real evil.  It is when money becomes your “god”.

Please support Medicare for All…everyone in and no one out.  The socially and fiscally responsible solution to our healthcare challenges.  For more see my notes and posts and the various organizations supporting this concept.


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2 responses to “Threat to Freedoms

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  1. I really enjoy reading your Blog and feel the same way as you do. It seems sad that we don’t understand, that we are called to all work together,
    When our nation started it was we that came together as one nation under this thing call a republic. A Nation that was by with and for the people. The Dream was great and with many different persons it has gone far(such as Abraham Lincoln, Helen Keller,Martin Luther King Jr, FDR,and John F. Kennedy )But we have lost the way We are now a nation by with and for greed and now many people in other countries in Europe especially have more human right and justice then we do. because of greed we have let the torch go out and we are not the ensign we use to be. It seems that we can only say we are better then a third world nation.and that a shame. The person who wrote our pledge to the Flag was a Christian socialist. and had great dream for our nation but now I fear he would cry for where we have gone. We Pledge to greed and to a nation run by the rich 1% that feel they are better then God almighty,That each one person can only deal with them self they don’t want to be bug since am I my brothers keeper. With freedom and justice to those who pay!

    Health care is a right not a luxury
    Thanks again

    Henry M. Schlenker
    • Henry, Thank you for your generously kind words. It is good to know that others appreciate your thoughts and ideas. I really appreciate your supports. Blessings ~


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