Nuclear Weapons Plant in Kansas City   1 comment

Ground was broken recently in Kansas City, Missouri.   It was the ceremonial event for a nuclear weapons production plant.   The honorable Senator Christopher “Kit” Bond touted the facility and its construction as a job producing endeavor and an economic stimulus to the area.   Never mind that we do not need a nuclear weapons plant.   We already have more “nukes” than any other nation.   We spend twice as much on “defense” than any other nation.   More than 50% of our national resources are consumed by the military-industrial complex of our nation.   Never mind that the production of “nukes”, from the mining, refining/milling, transportation and manufacturing of nuclear weapons, has a negative impact on our environment and is a danger to public safety.   Never mind that Senator Bond stands to benefit personally from the project.

 As we do not need more “nukes” this, and other such projects around the nation, are tantamount to “corporate welfare” at its best, or perhaps better said, at its worse.   We need to reduce the number of “nukes” that we have, not increase it.   I would encourage anyone interested in learning more about the negative impact of nuclear technology (for both peaceful purposes and for nuclear weapons), to read any of Dr Helen Caldicott’s books on the subject.

Those of the conservative stripe continue to beat the drum of “fiscal responsibility”.   How fiscally responsible is this? If we were to take only 30% of what is spend on “defense” we would be able to fully fund all of our current social service programs, end world hunger and provide every man, woman and child in this nation with quality, consistent health care.

If we want to create jobs and provide an economic stimulus to the area, then let’s spend it where it is needed, not where it only benefits special interest. We could spend it on our roads and bridges, on improving our air transportation system and on other types of infrastructure.   The billion dollars that the nuclear weapons facility is projected to cost would go a long way in providing for the much needed improvements in these areas.

 If you feel as I do, outraged, then please contact your elected officials and let them know.  You can bet that I sure will.


Posted September 10, 2010 by terryflowersblog in Politics vs Faith

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  1. i agree with you. if we would stop building then we might be able to get out of this finacial mess we are in.

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