Depleted Uranium (DU) in Munitions   2 comments

Depleted Uranium (DU) in Munitions 

Recently I have read Dr Helen Caldicott’s books, Nuclear Power Is Not The Answer, War In Heaven, The New Nuclear Danger, and If You Love This Planet.  In her books she documents the fact that the United States military has used, and possibly continues to use, ammunition shells which have casings made using depleted uranium (DU).  Also documented in her books is the fact that many of the tanks and armored vehicles that the U.S. uses have reinforced armor using DU.  The DU makes it more difficult for enemy shells to penetrate the vehicles’ armor.

 Using DU in these ways leaves the battlefield contaminated with radioactive material for centuries to come.  This exposes the inhabitants of these regions of the world to great health risks for generations to come.  The DU in the armor of the military vehicles also exposes the occupants (our own military personnel) of said vehicles to radiation.  For more information on this I would recommend the reading of Dr Caldicott’s books.  You can find her on the web through a web search.

 I live within two miles of the Lake City Ammunition plant here in Independence, Missouri.  I have emailed my representatives in Washington inquiring if they know if DU is used in the processing or manufacturing of ammunition at this facility.  To this date I have not had a response to my inquiry.

If DU is utilized at this plant it may be a classified matter, I’m not sure.  However, if there are risks to the environment and the public, I would think that there would be a “right to know” in this case.

 I am concerned for the workers who may be required to handle the radioactive material.  Are they aware of the danger that they face?  Do they take the necessary precautions to protect themselves?  What are they told by their superiors?

 I am also concerned for the environment surrounding the plant.  Are soil, water and air samples taken at regular intervals?  What risks are residents, plants and wildlife being exposed to?  If there are environmental concerns, how far from the plant do they extend?  Are contaminates being carried by the Little Blue River or ground water to the Missouri River and, eventually, to the gulf?  As if the gulf doesn’t have enough to worry about already.

 If anyone has an knowledge of this matter, your reply would be most welcome.


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2 responses to “Depleted Uranium (DU) in Munitions

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  1. Terry,

    I’m very glad you’ve made the inquiry about the use of DU at the Lake City plant, and will look forward with great interest to their response to your concerns.


  2. I have not yet heard back from anyone to whom I have made inquiry, but hope to in the not too distant future.


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