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  The Political Climate

 Over the past couple of years I have begun to watch more closely the political scene of our nation.  The catalyst for this has been the health care ills that our citizens face.  As a practicing pharmacist I am well aware of the injustices and inequities that our present health-care system imposes on so many.  As a minister, I also view this as a human rights and a social justice issue.  It’s too bad that health-care reform has had to become so politicized. While I am encouraged that Congress and the White House has been able to make some progress on reform, I am quite concerned that the fundamental causes of the disparity in health-care have not been adequately addressed.  Time will tell.

 As the health-care reform process has drawn me into the political scene, I have become more and more interested in additional areas in which our society lacks in its compassion and care of “the least of these” in our communities.  I have become more interested in issues of human rights in regard to immigration reform, rights of prisoners (foreign and domestic), and many others.

This journey has also brought me to investigate concerns in regard to our environment and humanity’s contribution to its destruction.  We continue to travel down the path to self destruction. Nuclear technologies, for energy or weapons, is dangerous.  We pollute the environment while mining, processing, using and disposing of nuclear material.  Yet we continue to swallow the propaganda of military-industrial complex.  For more on this read Dr Helen Caldicott’s books.

 As I watch the current political ads I am saddened.  I live in Missouri but have been watching the ads of the Kansas candidates.  They make statements that they would oppose “anything” that President Obama would support. And they speak proudly of this.  They are supported by Sarah Palin and the Tea Party.  There is not even a pretense for bipartisanship.

Will our nation every get away from the “party line” and seek the best for, not only our nation, but for the world.  I firmly believe that it we do what is best for the world, it will ultimately be the best for us as well.  We need to ”love our enemies” so that over time they are our friends.

 It is my opinion that we need to decrease our spending on nuclear technologies, our war machine, our wars and all that is geared to war.  We need to indeed, “beat our swords into plow-shears”.  If we could develop the courage and will to do this, we could fund all of our current social programs, end world hunger and provide every American with good quality health-care and still spend less that we currently do.  We need to break free from the propaganda that the special interest groups are feeding us and move into clean, renewable and sustainable energy technologies.  This would save our planet and create new jobs.

 Perhaps this is the “new world” that is spoken of in the scriptures.  When humanity embraces love rather than war, God’s will, “will be done on earth as it is in heaven” and His peaceable kingdom will at last be realized.


Posted July 20, 2010 by terryflowersblog in Politics vs Faith

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  1. I just saw a political ad for Roy Blunt. His ad criticizes Robin Carnahan. The ad does so with the standard Republican points of spending, security (a false security in my opinion) from illegal immigrants, etc. We need to curb spending but not at the expense of those who are “the least of these”. As stated above, we need to cut most of the spending on war and the war machine. Then there would be plenty of wealth to care for all Americans and to end world hunger.

  2. I should not have to pay for the way others choose to live, what they choose to do or what they choose to not do. In the health care bill people go on smoking, drinking, overeating and taking both legal and illegal drugs.
    I believe in none of these things. In fact I believe that they are the fall of the society. In the scriptures some of this is called the arm of flesh.
    I believe in miracles of healing. I believe that we should get back to that kind of faith.
    Jesus said that there would be poor with us always. I believe if each one reaches out to one and pulls them up then one day everyone will have one to lift them and share but to force everyone into paying for everything…why work?

  3. The fact is that we already pay for the choices of others. When someone drinks and drives, all of society pays when something bad results…higher insurance premiums, loss of life, etc. We are all already paying for a society in which obesity is becoming an epidemic.
    I do agree that our faith needs to be strengthened, but we also need to be supporting one another in making better choices and providing the health care that we need in order to reduce the stress on society as a whole.


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