Healthcare Reform: Is Washington Listening?   4 comments

Health Care Reform: Is Washington Listening?

President Obama has issued a statement inviting anyone who believes that they have suggestions or ideas that would benefit the efforts to bring about healthcare reform in real and meaningful ways to please let him or his staff know.   He has indicated that he and his staff are open to all ideas.

 Recently Margaret Flowers, M.D. (no relation to me as far as we can determine) was arrested for non-violent civil disobedience.  Dr Flowers represents a national organization of physicians comprising of over 17,000 members, Physicians for a National Health Plan (  Dr Flowers was arrested as she and another colleague were attempting to make contact with President Obama.  The entire story can be found on the organization’s web site.

 It seems that there is great resistance in Washington against hearing this organization’s proposals.  There may be many reasons as to why this is the case. I would like to explore some of these reasons.  There have been accusations that Washington (includes all elected officials regardless of party affiliation) has too many ties with “Big Pharma”, the healthcare insurance industry, and other such special interest groups.  Another factor inhibiting the Obama administration from considering the proposals of PNHP may be the inability of some in his own party to accept such a plan.  Of course, there is also the ideology of the Republican party.  That is that the less government, the better.  Considering only these three factors (I’m sure that there are others), it may seem daunting to try to overcome such obstacles.

 However, even given these factors, the fact remains that President Obama has said that he would be open to any and all ideas.  From what I can learn from listening and reading about this story, their representatives have been constantly and routinely turned away from the discussion.  Most of America, including congress, has stated that they believe that healthcare reform is needed.  It is needed not only to serve those who are not well served now, but also to preserve our entire economy.  Much has been written about the how and why of all of this already.

 So why can’t PNHP get a seat at the discussion table in Washington?  I would invite you to go to their web site and read their proposals.  It all seems to clear to me, just as it seems so clear to the better that 17,000 physicians who support the plan.  If you agree with their ideas, please let your elected officials know.  Let them have a voice in the healthcare reform process, let their voices (all 17,000 of them) be heard.


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4 responses to “Healthcare Reform: Is Washington Listening?

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  1. Hi Terry, liked reading your comments on health care. Patti’s brother Calvin Fred Exoo, a Political Science Professon at St Lawerance College in upstate New York has written a book called The Pen and the Sword. It is recently published. His research shows how the media and big business has shifted interests to the conservative bent and its capacity to own control of the media and consequently the influence in Washington. You may like reading it. Hap

  2. Thanks Hap. Here is a link for anyone wanting to check out the book you recommended.

  3. Terry – PNHP’s proposals (single-payer) were rejected out of hand a long time ago. It was one of Obama’s and the Democrat’s first big failings. While the D’s don’t want singl-payer, they should have at least began with this notion in order to peg the far left position and compromise to a more middle ground. Sadly, they started at a middle-ground, pegging that as the far left and have compromised to where they are now. The only point to giving PNHP a seat at the table would be to try to reestablish this position, but it’ would be too little, too late, in my opinion.

    Also, don’t believe the pap that the GOP wants limited government. GWB presided over the largest expansion of government in decades. They want government involved in the most intimate aspects of our lives (reproduction, marriage, hospice, adoption, family planning) and would allow government awareness of whatever we do (wiretapping, e-mails). The GOP want to win elections and they do so by “claiming” to be for limited government. This is not the same as actually “wanting” limited government.

    • bewarethechicken – Unfortunately I’m afraid that you are so right. Even so, I would like to see the position (single-payer) reestablished. I doubt that whatever plan is finally passed will solve the challenges that we face. Perhaps eventually it will be realized that our best, and perhaps, only option is a single-payer plan.

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