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Healthcare Reform : Now What?

Now that Scott Brown ® of Massachusetts has been elected to the senate, where does that leave the legislation for healthcare reform?   Some are saying that the fact that a Republican was elected is an indication (for the whole nation) that the voters don’t want any form of healthcare reform.   I am not so sure that is the case.   I believe that the majority of Americans realize that reform is necessary.   It’s just that they don’t like the legislation as it now stands.   To say that Americans are apposed to healthcare reform in any form is a stretch.

 I have been of the opinion that our nations’ healthcare has needed reform since Bill and Hilary Clinton attempted it.   I was very much encouraged when Barack Obama was elected.   I felt sure that healthcare reform would finally happen.

 As the legislative process unfolded I became more and more dissatisfied with the process.   While there is some debate as to how transparent or non-transparent the whole process has been, it has been far from a perfect process.   Their are aspects of both the house version and the senate version of the legislation that I like and that I don’t like.  In the final analysis however, neither version will be as transformative as it needs to be.   It is my belief that Medicare needs to be expanded so that all Americans will be provided their healthcare needs.   All the reasons and support for this opinion can be found in the articles that I have posted previously on this site.   I would also encourage anyone interested in really investigating this possibility to go to Physicians for a National Health Plan at    On their site they line out a detailed plan on how this could be implemented and how it would work.

 Most of the questionnaires that I have seen from the political parties, word the questions in such a way that it is obviously going to produce a biased result.   Therefore, I question many of the pole results that have been reported by the various forms of the media.

 I encourage you to learn all you can, on both sides of the issue, so that you can form your own opinion rather than simply repeating the sound bites and catch phrases that you hear on the airways.   We, the citizenry, need to step up and fulfill our democratic right and duty by sharing our views and perspectives with our elected officials.

 I believe that medical care it is a human right, not a privilege to be enjoyed only the those with the resources to purchase it.   Let’s all get involved and let Congress know how we feel.


Posted January 21, 2010 by terryflowersblog in Health Care

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