Health Care Insurance Reform: Who is Our Enemy?   2 comments

Health Care Insurance Reform: Who is Our Enemy?

 Recently I received a forward email which contained outlandish accusations against Nancy Pelosi.   If these accusations were accurate, I would consider her to be unfit for public service.   The email had a statement in it that this kind of behavior was so bad that it could not be made up…it had to be true.   This statement caused me to be suspicious so I went to to check it out.   Sure enough, the accusations were misleading at best and mostly false.

 I decided to search other political leaders on the snopes website to see if they had any kind of misleading or slanderous attacks directed toward them. I searched John McCain and Sarah Palin.   Sure enough, they had several entries against them as well.   For John McCain most of the entries I looked at were false or misleading.   However, the entries I looked at on Sarah Palin surprised me.   Many of them were actually true, while some were misleading or false.   However, I only looked at a few and may have missed some of the false or misleading entries.   I would encourage you to investigate this for yourself.   It seems that anyone who devotes themselves to public service is subject to misleading and false accusations.

 Why is this?   Who originates such material?   One would suppose that there are some who would attempt to discredit anyone of a different perspective.   These individuals may or may not be an official part of an organized group or political party…they could be acting independently. Regardless of who would develop such harmful materials or why they would do so, is this the way we want out country to work?   Is it any wonder that there is a great deal of skepticism in our society?   I believe that this type of subversive behavior is detrimental.   We need to work together to address the great challenges that face us as a nation and quit attacking one another personally.   These attacks are a distraction to what really matters…the issues and challenges that we face collectively.   We may continue to disagree on the means and methods of meeting these challenges, but lets work together in a non-confrontational way to find solutions, instead of attacking one anothers’ character or reputation.

 I am reminded of the old Pogo cartoon strip of some 50 years ago…yes, I’m that old.   In one of the weekly Sunday strips Pogo is quoted as saying, “We have met the enemy and it is us”.   Are we our own worse enemy?   Are we more likely to fall as a nation due to our divisiveness and polarization than we are from any outside threat?

 Another thought that came to me as I was considering what I might write about in this blog, is that perhaps these attacks are not from the opposite perspective.   What if…and I have no evidence of this… but what if there is a group or some groups who want to see the US destroyed but do not have the resources to do much about it?  What better way to bring down a superpower than to cause division within it? This may sound far fetched, but upon thinking about it, maybe not.   There are always some who like a conspiracy theory…this is one great one.

 This strategy of discrediting those who we disagree with is currently being used as we debate and struggle with how to reform our nations health care system.   As I watch the ads and promos about the health care reform proposals I hear so many outlandish claims against the political leaders who have a differing position from the one the ad is promoting.   There are also claims and counter claims about how the proposals will affect us as a nation. For more on that you can see my previous posts.   It is my hope that we can end the personal attacks on one another and begin to really and seriously deal with reforming health care for all Americans.   May we seek God’s blessing as we work together to this end.



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2 responses to “Health Care Insurance Reform: Who is Our Enemy?

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  1. The poor should be helped through acts of charity, not by demands based on human rights

  2. It comes down to this, I believe. Do you believe that healthcare is a basic human right or it is a priviledge to be enjoyed only by those who have the resources to pay for it? With the cost of healthcare as it is, there is no way that “charity” can provide the great need of the American people. I have observed that most of those who oppose healthcare for all are those who have the means by which to meet their personal healthcare needs or are fortunate enough to be healthy with few, if any, medical needs. This is more than a have vs have-not issue. Anyone of us could suddenly find ourself without healthcare insurance or badly in need of healthcare without adequte resources to pay for it. The quote above is appropriate for society in a general way, but it does not apply in regard to our nation’s need to reform our healthcare system.


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