Health Care Reform: Why?   2 comments

Health Care Reform: Why?

 The health care reform debate continues.   And as it does those who oppose the administration’s proposals point out the negative aspects which may occur under those changes.   At the same time those who support the proposals point out the positive aspects of the plans.   I would like to make some observations.

 It has been said by those in opposition to the reform proposals that health care costs would rise at the expense of the taxpayer, quality of care would not improve, rationing would be likely and our choice to the health care insurance plan and choice of physician we want would be limited if not eliminated.

 At the same time we have heard from the administration that health care costs would be held in check, quality, affordable health care would be available to everyone, rationing would be no worse…perhaps even less rationing…than it is now, and we would have a choice in health care insurance and choice of physician(s).

 With thoughtful consideration of both perspectives I have come to believe that there is probably some truth from both sides.   Statistics can be very useful in making decisions.   They can also be misleading if all the facts are not known.   If one has a particular bias, statistics can be skewed to support that bias…from either side of an issue.   I think that both sides have skewed the numbers to persuade public opinion in the case of health care reform.

 What is the real issue here?   What is the real goal in health care reform?   In my opinion the real and important goal is to provide quality, cost efficient health care to every American citizen.   The US is the only rich, developed nation in the world that does not provide this for its citizenry.

 Why do we want to provide every American citizen with quality, affordable health care?   I believe it is because it is the right thing to do.   It is the moral thing to do.   We are willing to spend huge amounts on many other programs, why not health care?   Yes, providing health care may (or may not-?) cost each of us more.    I am willing to pay more if my fellow citizens are provided with the health care that they so desperately need.   Yet I wonder if it will cost us more than the continual spiraling of health care costs that we face each year now.

 I guess that most of us agree that reform of our health care system is needed.   We just don’t agree on how to bring about that change.   Some would say that we should allow the private sector to make the necessary changes which would allow reform to happen.   As I reflect back over the last 10 to 15 years it doesn’t seem reasonable to me that the private sector would suddenly make an about face.   In the capitalistic system in which we operate, the profit motive is the driving force for the most part.   Where does the common good come into play under this model?   How would the private sector have to change in order for all American citizens to receive the health care that they need?

 Others would say that we need a strong government health care system with a single payor system.   With a single payor system there would be greater opportunity for negotiation in regard to reducing costs.   Opponents of a government single payor system would say that government has not shown a good track record for handling much of its business and has not always been cost effective in other areas of government affairs.   Of course, there are proposals that fall in between a single payor system and a multiple payor system.  Each type of system has its own advantages and challenges.

 My observation is that neither private or public systems are perfect.   Both systems are run by people.   People who are motivated by profit, bonuses, and/or promotion.   There is also opportunity in both the public and private sectors for graft and corruption.   Whatever system we ultimately choose to adopt we need to be sure that there is strong oversight and transparency.

 In all the rhetoric that we are presently hearing, may we keep in mind our ultimate goal…meeting the health care needs of our national brothers and sisters.   We need to reform health care because it is the humane and the right thing to do.   It may or may not cost us more, but we need to face the challenge and provide the health services that we all stand in need of.   May we come together with a common purpose, putting our personal agenda aside, for the common good of all of us.

Bottom line…”Health Care Reform: Why?”…Because, it’s the right thing to do.


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  1. Thanks again for sharing your well rounded observations.

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